• BA001



Product specification


●IMPORTANT! Read carefully before mounting and retain for future reference.

●Non observance of the instruction manual may endanger the safety of your child.

●WARNING! Always use the harness restraints provided.

●This stroller is produced in accordance with EN 1888/2012 norm.

●WARNING! To avoid danger of suffocation remove plastic bags before using the article.

●WARNING! Never leave your child unattended.

●Do not hang bags from handles as this may cause the product to become unstable.

●Never load the basket under the stroller with more than 5 kg.

●This stroller is suitable for 1 child, up to 15 kg.

●WARNING! This stroller is not suitable for children under 6months.

●WARNING! To avoid injury ensure that your child is kept away from moving parts

when adjusting or folding this stroller

●WARNING! Ensure that the stroller is completely erected and check if all locks are

engaged before placing your child in the stroller.

●Check frequently the condition of the wheels and oil the shaft with a siliconespray if necessary.

●Make sure that your child never stands up in the stroller.

●Put on all the brakes whenever you park the stroller.

●Do not use the stroller if any screws, nuts, bolts are missing or any component is damaged.

●Never lift the stroller with your child(ren) in it.

●Do not use the stroller on stairs or escalators with children in it.

●WARNING! Do not let your child play with this product.

●WARNING! This product is not suitable for running or skating.

●Do not use replacement parts or accessories, e.g. child seats, bag hooks, rain covers, etc.


(1)Baby stroller seat cloth during use, supporting gloves, belts, and many are cloth material, very easily

soiled baby,  may be stained with milk stains, urine stains, food debris.

(2)Not only affect the appearance of the stroller, more importantly, easy to breed bacteria, and the baby has

the habit of touching these unhealthy Therefore timely periodic cleaning removed the baby stroller is

necessary. Selection should wash soap or a mild detergent, if the conditions of these components can be

disinfected the best! Especially in the removable parts junction or crevice, these tend to be where we

often ignore, pay attention to clean up!

(3)Stroller metal frame and plastic parts (plate) and so you can simply wipe with a damp cloth.


(1).First often to check whether the normal key parts, such as foot dual brake device to prevent accidental

closing of two locks and other vehicles.

(2).Second is to regularly inspect parts for damage, screws are loose or broken skeleton or without gaps.

If damaged parts should be replaced. Removing the stroller should be strictly in accordance with the

 instructions in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

3.Finally is the regular rotation axle and other parts of the filling oil, so carts can carry out more flexible,

extending its life,but also to avoid the noise generated by friction.